Healthy Banoffee Chia Pudding

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When making this healthy breakfast for babies, chia seeds are a great addition. They help thicken the bowel movements of babies, which is a great benefit! If you’re looking for a quick way to get these seeds into your child’s diet, you can blend them into a smoothie. You can also blend … Read more

Mishti doi

Mishti doi, also known as Mitha Dahi, is a fermented sweet dahi that originated in the Bogra District of Bangladesh. This dessert is a staple in the Bangladeshi cuisine and is very popular in the country. In this article, we’ll explore the history of mishti doi, as well as its different flavors. … Read more

How to Make a Home Made Biryani Masala Recipe

You can try to make a homemade biryani masala recipe by yourself at home. This simple Indian dish will be a great way to use fresh spices, as you can control the amount of spice. This mix can be used for mutton, chicken or egg biryani. To make it, you should dry … Read more

Cooking Corn Cakes on a Griddle

Corn cakes are delicious treats for any meal. They are delicious and versatile, and they are often served with a cold glass of milk. To make corn cakes, you need two cups of unbleached white flour, one-third cup of corn meal, and five teaspoons of baking powder and salt. You can also … Read more

How to Make Cheese Balls

If you have ever wanted to know how to make cheese balls but were unsure where to start, here is the answer. Whether you are entertaining a group of family and friends or you just want to make a delicious appetizer for a game day party, these tasty treats are a delicious … Read more

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