How to Make Elaichi Shrikhand

Elaichi shrikhand is a very popular sweet dish in India, but you can make it easily at home, too. You can buy commercial shrikhand from Indian supermarkets, but they lack the punch and texture of freshly made shrikhand. This recipe uses sugar and plain yogurt to create a delicious sweet treat. It also uses cardamom powder and saffron to add a festive flavor.

The process for making elaichi shrikhand is relatively simple and is easy to master. A puran yantra, which is similar to an American food mill, is used to grind the ingredients. The curd is then stirred in warm milk until it has the consistency of cream. After that, you can prepare the dish by steeping it in saffron milk. For this recipe, you need about 1.125 kg of yogurt.

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Kesar elaichi shrikhand is a fun twist on the traditional Shrikhand recipe. A common dessert during Janmashtami, this delicious dessert is made with hung curd and adds a twist by incorporating dry fruit into it. The delicious dessert is served with a variety of dishes, including puri and batata nu shaak. The recipe is also easily adapted for vegetarians.

The traditional method for making this dessert is to stir 907 grams of thick yogurt into a medium sized bowl and strain. Then, use a fine mesh strainer over the bowl. Be sure to leave a small gap between the strainer and the bowl, so that the liquid can drain. This dish can be served hot or cold and is very healthy. To make elaichi shrikhand, follow the instructions below.

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You can make this delicious dish in less than 15 minutes. The preparation time depends on the amount of ingredients you have and the type of yogurt you have. If you’re short on time or have guests coming over for dinner, it’s a great idea to make shrikhand ahead of time and then serve it hot. Depending on your schedule, you can even prepare this recipe when guests arrive. In addition to the ingredients you’ll need, you can also use Greek yogurt instead of plain yogurt. The yogurt will already be thick.

The milk should be very fresh and not too sour. Then, hang the dahi over a bowl. It’s important to separate the whey and the curd because the whey will make the dish watery and loose. If there’s too much whey in the curd, you can strain it out or leave it out. Then, you can use the shrikhand as a garnish.