Kashmiri Dum Aloo Recipe

Trying to make a simple Kashmiri dish? Try this delicious recipe! This recipe is made with baby potatoes, yogurt, and a spice gravy. It has a very distinct flavor and mouth-feel, making it perfect for rotis or puris! Make sure to follow the step-by-step photos and video in the recipe so you can make this delicious dish on your own!

You can use fresh or dried Kashmiri masala in the recipe. The fresher the better as it has its own unique flavour. If you use a dried masala, make sure to add it gradually so that you don’t overcook it. For the potatoes, they should be firm but tender, and any discolouration on the skin should be removed before using. Lastly, make sure to use full-fat yogurt for the best consistency. Then, add the garlic and yoghurt and mix well. You don’t need to fry the potatoes; they will cook at the same time.

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To make Kashmiri dum aloo, cook the potatoes in a large pan until almost tender. Add the spices, one tablespoon each, to taste. You can even use a dhungar to get the authentic taste of charcoal. Serve this delicious dish with roti or paratha or with naan or jeera rice. It is sure to impress everyone. It is the perfect Indian meal!

Besides rice, the Kashmiri dum aloo recipe is excellent as leftovers! It tastes even better the next day! The potatoes absorb all the flavor and aroma from the spices and are full of nutrients. You can also serve this dish with your favourite Indian bread – rotis, naan, parathas, and even naan. So, get ready to taste the authentic Kashmiri dum aloo!

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For the Kashmiri dum aloo recipe, you’ll need fennel seeds and ginger powder. Fennel seeds give the dish a distinct licorice flavor. Grated ginger adds sharp, spicy overtones to the dish. A dash of turmeric and cardamom adds golden color. And don’t forget to add a generous amount of sugar to balance out the spices!

There are many different ways to prepare dum aloo, and there’s a Kashmiri and Punjabi version that are both creamy and spicy! For the no-onicle no garlic version, leave out the garlic. If you prefer, you can prepare this dish in the instant pot! You can also try making Kashmiri dum aloo in your instant pot! A delicious and authentic lunch!

The Kashmiri Dum Aloo receipe is the perfect accompaniment for Indian flatbreads. You’ll love the spicy gravy. Served with rice or rotis, this dish is sure to please everyone! The gravy is finger-licking good! Just make sure to have some patience when making it! Then you’ll be able to eat it for years to come.

In addition to the spices mentioned above, you’ll need baby potatoes. Traditionally, the potatoes are deep fried, but they can also be boiled or shallow fried. In either case, you should be careful when using the quantity of water you’re using. Also, you can replace kashmiri red chilli powder with regular chilli powder. Then, just follow the steps above to make the best Kashmiri dum aloo.