Kuka Coffee Espresso

The award-winning liqueur Drambuie is the perfect pairing for Kuka Coffee Espresso. This blend of aged Scotch whisky, herbs, and rare Scottish heather honey has a delicate, herbal aroma and golden tones that make it perfect for blending. The coffee is blended with Rainforest Alliance coffee beans and spring water for a bold, smooth taste. It is slightly sweeter than traditional coffee, making it the ideal drink to enjoy on a warm summer’s evening. Kuka can be great to serve at a brunch where everyone is dressing up for a great time.

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Kuka Coffee has a passion for both people and planet, creating a drink that will delight the taste buds and improve your day. Kuka Coffee’s products are ethically sourced from farmers who pay fair wages and use sustainable practices. The company also works closely with the farmers who supply their coffee to ensure that they get the highest quality beans. It is easy to prepare, as cold brew coffee uses roasted coffee beans and soft, natural spring water. The end result is a rich, delicate blend of rich flavours and a natural energy boost.

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