How to Make a Potato Twister

A crispy potato twister is a fun, tasty alternative to a greasy bag of potato chips. These fried treats can be served as a side dish with a variety of main courses, but are especially delicious with salmon and steak. To make potato twisters, simply place a raw potato on a skewer and turn it. You can use a grill to cook the twister on a skewer, or you can prepare it in a deep fryer.

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In addition to frying the potatoes, you can also create a variety of different toppings and sauces for your Potato Twisters. You can serve them with cheese sauce, ghost pepper sauce, or pickled jalapenos. Some people also like to dress their potato twisters with sour cream. To make a Mexican-style potato twister, follow the instructions on the box. This device makes potato twisters of varying sizes and shapes, and it even makes a great dip for nachos or fries!

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As a bonus, the spiral shape makes the twisted potato chips look more like a tortilla chip. This makes them a great snack for a picnic, camping trip, or even an outdoor concert or festival. Depending on your skill level, you can also make fried vegetables with this handy gadget. And if you want to sell potato twisters for profit, you can also sell them in shopping centers, stadiums, and parks. You can even sell the spiral-shaped chips at your own restaurant, and earn as much as 500% from each sale!

A potato twister is an excellent alternative to a regular burger or fries. All you need is a spiral cutter, wooden skewers, and a frying pan with enough cooking oil. The spiral cut potatoes should be golden-yellow in color. You can season them with salt, paprika, or BBQ spices and enjoy a delicious treat. To buy potato twisters, visit Joom. They carry an enormous variety, as well as new additions.

To prepare the spirals, you first need to microwave the potatoes for about a minute and a half. Once they are soft, you can turn them around the wooden skewer and let them cool before spiraling them. Alternatively, you can microwave the potatoes for about 30 to 45 seconds and cut them thinly. Make sure the spiral is thin and even. If the spiral is too thick, they will be too soft to cut or spread.