Chapati Noodles | How to make Chapati Noodles
Chapati Noodles: A healthy twist to your regular chinese. These noodles are made with roti cut into thin strips and cooked with sauteed veggies and spices. It was
Paneer Bhurji | How to make Paneer Bhurji
Paneer Bhurji: Paneer Bhurji serves as a perfectly tangy, savory and spiced accomaniment to dinners. Scrambled paneer with tomatoes and onions and a perfect blend of spices makes
Pea Carrot Soup | How to make Pea Carrot Soup
Pea Carrot Soup: This pea carrot soup is a blessing during winters. The tinge of ginger with the sweetness of peas and carrot combined gives you a warm
Zingy Pizza Parcel | How to make Zingy Pizza Parcel
Zingy Pizza Parcel: Filled with paneer, veggies and lots of seasoning, this pizza flavoured zingy parcel is crispy, yummy and mouthwatering to the core. Try it and you
Chocolate Cake | How to make Chocolate Cake
Chocolate lover? Well get ready for a decadent chocolate cake. This cake is moist, fudgy and most importantly very chocolaty. Hola again!!! It was my sister S’s birthday
Cheese Pakoras | How to make Cheese Pakoras
Cheese Pakoras – A quick snack made with bread and cheese. Make these cheese pakoras for kids snack, after school or  when those hunger pangs strike unexpectedly.   Hey
Spinach Mango Banana Green Smoothie | How to make Spinach Mango Banana Green Smoothie
Spinach Mango Banana Green Smoothie: A healthy breakfast smoothie packed with the freshness of spinach, mangoes and bananas. Popeye-friendly breakfast, anyone? Remember Popeye gobbling a can of spinach
Cheese Balls | How to make Cheese Balls
Cheese Balls: Round, cheesy, fun and tasty. Cheese balls are the party essentials. Outrageously delicious and cheesy, these cheese balls are magical. Hey guys!! How do you usually
Creme Caramel | How to make Creme Caramel
Creme Caramel: A gentle jiggling custard dessert with a soft and sumptuous caramel layer on top. An elegant and absolutely delicious dessert. Hey guys!! Creme Caramel, Flan, Caramel
Rosemary Cranberry Cookies | How to make Rosemary Cranberry Cookies
Rosemary Cranberry Cookies: Not so sweet cookies. Perfect for those whose taste buds don’t like sweet cookies. Also, they are healthy. How cool is that!!   Hey guys!!!