What’s the Difference Between a New York Cheesecake and Regular Cheesecake?


There are so many kinds of cheesecakes, each with its unique combination of ingredients and preparation techniques, but what distinguishes them? There is the famous traditional Cheesecake, then there are all the others, and then there is New York cheesecake. To grasp the differences between these regular Cheesecake and New York Cheesecake, you must understand what makes them unique and what changes in the Cheesecake’s texture. Due to the adaptability to nearly any other flavour, regular and New York cheesecake have become the most popular ones in the world. These two varieties are a constant star during holidays, get together and on many other occasions. 

To begin describing these delectable sweets, one could state that they are both excellent and that nothing could go wrong with their mouthwatering flavours. New York’s Cheesecake is creamier, one of the critical differences. Regular Cheesecake and New York cheesecake differ because the latter has a considerably thicker crust and is denser, sweeter, and sweeter overall. The distinction can be seen in the ingredients as well as the methods of cooking. The texture and process of manufacture both play a role in the difference. Since Cheesecake typically weighs a lot. Haters liken it to a block or a cream cheese slab on the crust. However, supporters of New York cheesecake are emphatic about its excellence.

Regular Cheesecake

White and brown cake on white ceramic plate 

A classic cheesecake is an exercise in simplicity. It’s one of the more well-liked varieties of Cheesecake and is made with just three essential ingredients: cream cheese, sugar, and eggs. Not only do many nations and regions have their takes on tradition, but they also frequently use ricotta, mascarpone, and quark. However, if any liquid were added to thin out the batter, ordinary or sour cream for a tangier flavour would be used. Due to the proportion of cream cheese to liquid, these traditional cheesecakes have a lighter texture than most. Ricotta and cream cheese make up many regular cheesecakes, often baked without a crust. Add eggs, sugar, and other milk products—such as sour cream, yoghurt, or evaporated milk. Depending on your flavour, they can also contain ingredients like lemon zest, spices, and vanilla essence.

New York Cheesecake

Person holding cake with white icing and blue icing 

In addition to being made using cream cheese, New York cheesecake can be combined with other ingredients, such as sour cream or cream. These components are combined with eggs and sugar and then cooked like conventional Cheesecake. Instead of cookies, biscuits, or sponges, the New York cheesecake’s crust is thicker. It comprises crushed graham crackers and melted butter. The Junior’s Restaurant and Bakery in New York City is credited with popularizing this Cheesecake. The primary distinction between this Cheesecake and the traditional variety is the ingredients, which also affect the texture. Graham crackers and melted butter make the cake’s crust rather than low-fat alternatives like cookies or biscuits. New York cheesecake is thicker than conventional Cheesecake. Thus, it requires more cooking time and a little special preparation. Additionally, this explains some of the variations in flavour. We also need to make clear that this dessert is also referred to as Jewish Cheesecake because it was brought to America by European Jews.

The Differences Between Regular Cheesecake and New York Cheesecake

A cheesecake with berries and mint on a wooden plate 

Regular and New York-style cheesecakes differ primarily in texture, richness, density, and baking time. These elements may vary depending on where they were produced. Still, there is no denying that the flavours of these two varieties of cakes are significantly different.

1. Significant Price Difference

Due to the inclusion of cream, New York cheesecake has a higher fat content than traditional versions, making it more expensive. Like standard-type cakes, it takes longer and has several difficult-to-find ingredients. They are frequently less complicated but delicious, primarily if you can obtain them fresh from your neighbourhood bakery.

2. Varies in Calorie Contents

Regular Cheesecake contains less milk and eggs than New York cheesecake, typically featured in both recipes, so it has fewer calories. New York cheesecake, however, is more fulfilling and is preferred by some. However, because they both contain significant levels of fat and sugar, which can cause obesity and diabetes, neither cake is healthy. Both varieties also have a lot of calories, which might harm those trying to control their weight or cholesterol levels.

3. Taste & Density

Regular cheesecakes, which often don’t have a crust like the previous one, are thicker than those made in the New York manner. New York-style cheesecakes are made with much richer, creamier, and denser ingredients. When eating this kind of cake, some people discover that they require less sugar because it is already so sweet. Additionally, the crust on New York-style cheesecakes is much thicker and comprises graham crackers and butter.

4. Bake Time & Texture

The texture of the two cakes is the critical distinction between them. Compared to New York cheesecakes, which can be exceedingly heavy and dense, regular cheesecakes are often lighter. If we were to compare the two treats based on consistency, they would be more comparable to custard or pudding than a cake. Depending on the recipe you choose, the baking time will change. They take less time than regular cheesecakes, which need longer cooking times. Traditional cheesecakes are often softer, moister, and lighter than New York-type cakes, which are thicker, heavier, and stiffer.

5. Ingredients

Heavy cream, butter, eggs, and graham crackers are the main ingredients of New York cheesecake. Heavy and sour cream is commonly used to make regular cheesecakes. Because of their high-fat level, they also have an additional richness you wouldn’t get if you used only cream cheese for the crust or filling. Another distinction between these Cheesecake varieties is the ingredients and directions employed in their preparation. In contrast to mozzarella or cheddar cheese, finding the proper cream cheese is only sometimes simple. Due to this, several traditional New York cheesecake variations are becoming rarer; however, even if they are primarily made of cream cheese, they still have distinctive recipes that set them apart.


Although there are numerous similarities between these New York and Regular cheesecakes, you can tell which one you eat the moment you take a bite. Your choice will depend on how much sweetness, richness, and creaminess you prefer. However, as was already noted, the distinction between a regular cheesecake and a New York cheesecake is relatively unnoticeable. Unless you make it yourself, you won’t tell the two apart simply by tasting them. The more substantial New York cheesecake will fill you up. It is more satisfying in the end since it is rich and creamy. However, if you want something as “light” as Cheesecake can be, the regular Cheesecake is the perfect choice.